Schuette’s BS Environmental Record

April 18, 2018

Bill Schuette has been in the news a lot lately because of problems with the Enbridge oil pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac, which he has the power to shut down, by the way. However, rather than take action, he’s chosen instead to score political points by offering up cheap platitudes about the pipeline’s future.

Don’t be fooled by Schuette’s posturing, he’s no steward of our natural resources and Great Lakes. In fact, he’s been the exact opposite.

It’s important to remember that we cannot just look at Schuette’s record since he’s been Michigan’s attorney general. Schuette has been a Congressman and a State Senator as well, and just like his last two terms in office, in the legislature and D.C. Schuette accumulated a record that shows he’s not on our side.

Here’s a few examples of how Schuette is on the wrong side of protecting Michigan’s air and water:

Bill Schuette’s environmental record is as dirty as an oil spill. When it comes to protecting Michigan’s air, water and public health, Shady Schuette is not on our side.

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