Schuette’s BS on Taxes

April 18, 2018

For the last two days, Bill Schuette has been doing two things that should concern Michiganders:

  1. He’s been trumpeting the Republican Tax Plan that was rammed through by the Republican Congress last year. He claims it’s a boon for working families, but it’s not. It’s a windfall for Wall Street stockholders and wealthy donors, while working folks get higher tax rates and healthcare costs. The tax plan also puts programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security at risk for massive cuts.
  2. Per usual, he’s talking about furthering Michigan’s out-of-balance tax system. He’s been doubling down on his idea to eliminate or drastically cut the income tax. This is a big problem because doing that would overwhelmingly benefit rich people and will mean further cuts for our communities. Cutting the income tax means cutting funds to our schools, our roads, public safety, job training, and efforts to protect our air and water. That’s not how we build strong neighborhoods and communities.

When it comes to taxes, Schuette is bringing a one-two punch of bad ideas to the table. It’s more of what we’ve seen from the Snyder administration: making sure corporations and wealthy donors like DeVos family pay as little as possible, while sticking working families with the bill and diminished public services.

Michigan’s working folks and families deserve a balanced tax system where everyone pays their fair share. Unfortunately for us, we’ve got an attorney general who is more interested in pushing failed trickle down policies that benefit his wealthy donors.

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