People want higher ed funding, Schuette wants cuts

May 3, 2018

A new poll shows “Almost four out of five Michigan residents support a substantial increase in state spending on higher education to keep tuition low for in-state residents,” according to Michigan Radio.

That is a sharp contrast to Attorney General Bill Schuette, who wants to continue Rick Snyder’s legacy of more tax breaks for the wealthy. Schuette has had little to say the last few months other than he loves Donald Trump and he wants to give even more tax breaks to wealthy donors.

If Schuette has his way, it will mean less funding for priorities like higher education. Michigan’s tuition rates are already going through the roof after nearly a decade of GOP control, which has caused Michigan to have some of the highest rates of student loan debt in the country. Schuette, it seems, wants to continue that trend with his failed trickle-down economic philosophy.

Speaking of student loans, when Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos decided to rollback consumer protections for student loan borrowers, what did Shady Schuette do? Nothing. He sat back because he would never do anything to upset his corporate donors like Betsy DeVos.

The fact of the matter is, Schuette’s tax plan  will “give a big tax break to Michigan’s top earners, while hurting our schools, roads, parks, and other public services that are so important to our economy and quality of life,” according to the Michigan League for Public Policy.

While the people of Michigan want more higher education funding and lower tuition, Shady Schuette wants to continue down the Rick Snyder path of tax handouts for the wealthy. Clearly, Bill Schuette has the wrong priorities.

It’s worth noting Bill Schuette’s website has no information on it about what his plans are for higher education.


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