He is not on our side.

He is not on our side.

Bill Schuette is listening to the whims of his wealthy donors,
not the needs of Michigan families.

Ethics and Transparency

Michigan = Dead Last

Under Bill Schuette’s watch, Michigan ranked dead-last in ethics and transparency.

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press

“Fee Approach”

Bill Schuette’s office instructed state departments to use the “fee approach” to price citizens out of their right to public documents.


Hawking Goods for Donors

After he announced his bid for governor, Bill Schuette posted a Facebook video urging people to buy 5-Hour Energy, which happens to be owned by a politically-connected donor.

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press

Hypocrisy on GR Vets Home

Army veterans called out Bill Schuette for his hypocrisy on an investigation into the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press

Email Cover-up

Public documents show Schuette’s office engaged in a cover-up when his staff was caught using personal email for alleged state business.

SOURCE:  Great Lakes Beacon

Schuette May Have Violated Election Law

When he announced his campaign for governor, Schuette’s claim that he’s the “jobs governor” may be a violation of Michigan election law.

SOURCE: Great Lakes Beacon

Attacking Press Freedom

Schuette’s office tried to harass and intimidate a national reporter who was investigating Michigan prisons

SOURCE: Progress Michigan

Schuette Was Sued Over FOIA

Bill Schuette and his top staff mixed personal email use with public business.

SOURCE: Court Documents

Part-Time Legislature Scheme

Schuette supports a part-time legislature proposal, which would concentrate power in the hands of corporate lobbyists and the governor’s office — where he wants to work next.

SOURCE: Lansing State Journal