He is not on our side.

He is not on our side.

Bill Schuette is listening to the whims of his wealthy donors,
not the needs of Michigan families.

Health Care

Sides with Extremists

Bill Schuette marches lockstep with the radical, anti-choice organization Right to Life of Michigan, which has endorsed him in the past.

SOURCE: RTL Michigan

Fought Birth Control Access

Schuette backed a lawsuit allowing employers to deny birth control coverage to employees.

SOURCE: Kaiser Health News

Stood Against Health Centers

Schuette stood with extremists and voted to eliminate Planned Parenthood from the state family planning program.

SOURCE: Michigan Legislature

Obstacles to Care

In the legislature, Schuette voted to mandate that a facility that had over 50% of patients receiving abortions would be required to be licensed as a freestanding surgical outpatient facility — putting more obstacles in the way of a woman's right to choose.

SOURCE:Michigan Legislature

Insurance Hassles

Schuette voted to force employers to buy abortion insurance riders for “elective abortions.”

SOURCE:Michigan Legislature

Higher Insurance Costs

Schuette refused to stand up to Trump when the president pushed policies that would jack up insurance rates for hundreds of thousands of people in Michigan

SOURCE:Detroit Free Press

Tax Plan

Schuette supported a tax plan that called for gutting Medicaid and threatened healthcare access for millions


Planned Parenthood Access

Schuette voted to block access to Planned Parenthood