He is not on our side.

He is not on our side.

Bill Schuette is listening to the whims of his wealthy donors,
not the needs of Michigan families.

Jobs and the Economy

Buy America

He voted NO on Buy American provisions for transportation projects – making it easier to hire unskilled out-of-state workers and use cheap steel imported from China to fix our roads and bridges.

SOURCE: HR 5205, Vote #89, 5/7/85

Personal Pay Raises

Schuette has taken four pay raises, including a 38% raise in the Michigan Senate – and he already collects two taxpayer-funded pensions.

SOURCE: CRS, 6/21/16; Ludington Daily News, 1/26/01; Lansing City Pulse, 12/4/13

Fancy Limos

Schuette’s not like us – in 2016, he spent over $12,000 on limos for his corporate donors.

SOURCE: Schuette Admin Account, IRS 527 Filing, Q2 2016, Pg. 5

Irresponsible Corporations

Schuette voted to weaken penalties for corporations that exploit undocumented workers, which depresses local paychecks for local workers.

SOURCE: HR 3810, Vote #415, 10/9/86

Bad at Accounting

Schuette supports eliminating the income tax, which would devastating to the services we all rely on and make our communities run.

SOURCE: Great Lakes Beacon

Health Care Credits

Bill Schuette supported a lawsuit that would have stripped hundreds of thousands of Michiganders of their health care. The average family could have lost $2,890 in health care credits.

SOURCE: Progress Michigan / Kaiser Family Foundation


As the head of the Department of Agriculture, Bill Schuette supported NAFTA.

SOURCE: Clare Sentinel

Sending Jobs Overseas

After taking money from his corporate donors, Schuette repaid the favor by cutting taxes for billionaires, and giving tax breaks to big corporations that send our jobs overseas.

SOURCE: HR 3838, Vote #818, 9/25/86; HB 4745, RC #400, 6/10/99

Wages and Overtime

Bill Schuette submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of for-profit home care agencies’ attempt to lower wages and end overtime protections for home healthcare workers

SOURCE: ScotusBlog

Unemployment Insurance

Schuette aggressively and unjustly prosecuted 20,000 families who were falsely accused of unemployment fraud.

SOURCE: Bridge Magazine

Not Protecting Consumers

Schuette has been criticized for having a poor record on consumer protections — one of his jobs as Attorney General.

SOURCE: Bridge Magazine

Lowering Construction Wages

Schuette voted to undermine the prevailing wage for construction workers, which makes it easier to hire unskilled out-of-state workers to fix our crumbling roads and build new schools.

SOURCE: HR 4264, Vote #579, 5/3/88; SB 805, Roll Call #19, 2/10/98

Cozy Contracts

Schuette has made a habit of awarding public contracts to his former bosses and campaign donors, like Warner Norcross and Judd, his old law firm.

SOURCE: Progress Michigan / MLive

Overtime Protections

Schuette opposed overtime protections for 101,000 Michigan workers, lowering their paychecks


Net Neutrality

Schuette has been silent on the repeal of Net Neutrality and has refused to join 23 other attorneys general who are trying to defend equal access to the Internet

SOURCE: Great Lakes Beacon