He is not on our side.

He is not on our side.

Bill Schuette is listening to the whims of his wealthy donors,
not the needs of Michigan families.

The Environment


Bill Schuette earned a lowly score of 32 percent from the League of Conservation voters for his time in Congress for failing to stand up to corporate polluters and defend America’s air and water

SOURCE: League of Conservation Voters

Cleaner Cars

In Congress, Schuette voted against measures to ensure cars had proper emission control systems, which help prevent pollution in our communities.

SOURCE:League of Conservation Voters

Weakening Air and Water Protection

Schuette voted for an amendment that would have weakened the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency to safeguard our air, water, and nuclear sites.

SOURCE: League of Conservation Voters

Big OIl Drilling in the Great Lakes

Schuette has taken over $24,000 from big oil companies – and he even sponsored a bill to allow drilling for oil and gas in the Great Lakes, which would put our economy and our way of life at risk.

SOURCE: FollowTheMoney.org; AP, 5/31/0

Corporate Polluter Donations

Some of Bill Schuette's biggest donors are corporate polluters.

Michigan Campaign Finance Network

Asian Carp

Schuette actually blamed the threat Asian Carp pose to the Great Lakes on Obamacare.

SOURCE: Progress Michigan

The largest newspaper in the state said, “Polluters have a friend in Schuette.”

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press,10/26/11

Mercury Pollution

Schuette sided with his corporate donors over public health when he wasted resources by pushing back against rules that would keep mercury out of our air and water.

SOURCE: Crains Detroit Business

Oil Spills

Bill Schuette voted to protect oil companies by putting American taxpayers on the hook for major oil spill cleanups

SOURCE: League of Conservation Voters

Clean Power Plan

Schuette worked on behalf of corporate polluters, refusing to hold them accountable, rather than protect public health when he opposed the Clean Power Plan

SOURCE: Michigan League for Public Policy