He is not on our side.

He is not on our side.

Bill Schuette is listening to the whims of his wealthy donors,
not the needs of Michigan families.

The Flint Water Crisis

Flint Legal Defense

When Rick Snyder took millions in public money for his own private legal defense, Bill Schuette did nothing to stop him.

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press

“Superficial Posturing”

A judge called Schuette’s attempt to play both sides of a case in the Flint Water Crisis “superficial posturing”

SOURCE: Court Documents

Schuette Ignores His Role in Crisis

Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office approved documents related to Flint’s 2015 water switch that were ultimately determined to be a “sham.”

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press

Ignored Complaints

Schuette’s office received 15 complaints about the water quality in Flint and did nothing until the cameras showed up

SOURCE: Detroit News